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3 d laser scanning and virtual reality show

Virtual reality (VR) is an interdisciplinary subject developed on the basis of computer graphics, computer simulation technology, human-computer interface technology, multimedia technology and sensor technology. The bottleneck problem in the actual operation can be easily solved by the introduction of 3D laser scanning technology.


Virtual reality is a very powerful high-end man-machine interface, including real-time simulation and real-time interaction through a variety of sensory channels, the user is a immersive experience. However, in the process of the development of virtual reality technology, the complicated three-dimensional modeling process has become a major obstacle to its progress.

The 3D laser scanning technology is also known as the real copy technology, is a technology revolution after GPS in the field of Surveying and mapping. Three dimensional laser scanning breaks through the traditional single point measurement method, which has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. Think science and technology professional three-dimensional laser scanning technology can provide accurate three-dimensional point cloud scanning object surface data, it can be used to obtain high precision and high resolution digital model. HSCAN Series Portable 3D laser scanner is not only quick, no contact, penetrating, real-time, dynamic, active, high density, high precision, digitization, automation and other features at the same time, because of its compact size, to adapt to a variety of application scenarios, greatly improve the 3D laser scanner portability and flexibility.


The perfect combination of 3D laser scanning measurement technology and virtual reality technology, and make more accurate data and forward engineering operation, but also in the reverse engineering and rapid reduction increases the revolutionary across applications. 3D laser scanning measurement technology is through the laser pulse to the real scene, after laser emission and point mapping, the structure of the object coordinate system and the object generated directly to the computer, and then through the point cloud processing and 3D modeling, finally reconstruct the real real model. The application process is shown in figure 1.


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