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Due to competent management and dedicated employees ScanTech has expanded into an international company with a strong network of distributors. Become part of the ScanTech family and join the success!

3d scanner companies.pngIn recent years, the technology of the 3D rebuilding researching has never stopped. Is there a fast and high-precision method to capturing multi-dimensional models of objects?

YES. It's 3D laser scanning. It becomes a popular and time-saving method which is widely used in various fields.3D laser scanner can work in any complex environment, allows us to use physical objects to better conceptualize an idea or create a starting point for modeling.3D laser scanning technology has developed rapidly currently, and has great development space in the fields of industry, architecture, cultural relic protection and biomedicine.

Scantech-Strong independent R&D strength

Leading by the returnees Doctors, the R&D team cooperate with the well-known optical measuring company Metronor, developed a series of world-class 3D system equipment which possess the proprietary intellectual property rights, including the portable 3D scanner, global photography measurement system and track 3D scanner. In particular, the PRINCE series 3D scanner which adopts world’s first double patterns and possess the unprecedented ability of detail obtain has gained wide attention and recognition in the field of 3D digitization in the world.

Scantech – Your business advantage

As a Scantech distributor, what really adds value to your bottom line is our commitment to make it as easy as possible for you to sell our high-quality 3D products. You can trust us to do our best to make your sales efforts as effective as possible.

We are looking for:

* Experienced 3D measuring company who would like to expand their business with advanced, specialized and highly competitive 3D systems.

*Distributors of industrial devices who want to possess powerful intelligent visual inspect equipment and 3D scanner.

*Other who are interested in 3D scanning systems and would like to begin their 3D business.

We offer:

– High performance visual inspection equipment which is innovates continuously

– Competitive discounts

– Advanced trainings and comprehensive support of both hardware and software

– Ability to introduce a high-performance 3D scanner to every part of the world


We can provide not only the comprehensive technical support, but also contract preparing, sales and customer contact.


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a powerful and reliable partner.

Contact us via phone 0086 571 85370380 or email: sales@sikantech.com.


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