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Household decoration

Physical data can be obtained by scanning for product display, and also be used in 3D effect drawings to achieve better publicity.


1、Virtual display

Traditional furniture lines showed by two-dimensional picture, it is difficult to reflect the users to know the details, and three-dimensional solid modeling is difficult to make it same as real objects. HSCAN handheld scanner can quickly and easily get the physical data, coupled with professional three-dimensional processing software and pictures can make three-dimensional data with texture and color, make the product displayed on online more reasonable and more vividly.


three-dimensional data Can be obtained by scanning. The data can be import to engraving machine by corresponding conversion and editing software, provide solutions to some antique furniture restoration and reproduction.


3、3D effect drawings

Applying scanned data in virtual scenarios, and combined with virtual reality technology, can make consumers with more convenient way to understand the appearance and structure more clearly.



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