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The car industry

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the auto industry has developed by leaps and bounds. In recent years, the car ownership rising a lot, many independent brand of automobile enterprises have gradually formed a strong international competitiveness. The emergence of new energy vehicle also makes China's automakers facing new opportunities and challenges. The HSCAN handheld scanner plays an important role in the automotive sector. Combined with extensive experience in the automotive industry, Scanteh provides high-quality 3D engineering services and proposed solutions

1.Quality test

three-dimension data can be obtained by scanning the objects, comparative analysis the three- dimensional scan data of the drawings, you can easily get deviation value of each location, provided a friendly solution for large curved surface, and complex structure measurement. On other hand, By fitting three-dimensional data can easily available some data, such as coaxial, hole diameter, gap and etc.


2.Simulation assembly

the Assembly results can be quickly and easily obtained through scanned data work with the professional three-dimensional simulation software. When the simulating Assembly cannot be success, it can also provide the basis for later assembly improvement.


3.Motion state analysis

Scan the different States you can get open close structural relationship in a different State, provide accurate data for structure analysis, designed.


4.Reverse engineering

By scanning the object, you can easily access data of the scanned object. To import data in CAD software can provide the basis for design, save the manual mapping time, and not only improves the efficiency but also provide high accuracy for the reverse modeling.



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