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      Hangzhou Scantech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which was composed of industry experts, returnees Doctors and high-tech youth talents. Leading by the returnees Doctors, the R&D team developed a series of mechanical and electronic products which possess the proprietary intellectual property rights. Through a four year research, develop and test, Scantech released the HSCAN hand held scanner in 2015 and have enjoy great reputation in the market

      The product structure and configuration was designed by both the structure engineer and R&D designer, which consider the human engineering and applicability. The HSCAN 3d scanner own the Golden Pin Design Award. It is an annual award that accepts entries from individuals or companies that are selling, manufacturing, or designing products or projects in a Chinese-speaking country or region. The GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARD is the Design worthy of the world’s largest market. The annual Golden Pin Design Award is the longest-running design award that celebrates products expressly created for the Chinese-speaking market. Participating individuals and companies are judged on their ability to innovate in this dynamic economy. As the gauge for leading design in Chinese-speaking communities, the Golden Pin Design Award offers entrants an unprecedented opportunity to prove their prowess in the world’s largest market.

  HSCAN 3d scanner have been widely used in colleges, research institutions, automobile industry, large-scale machinery enterprise and modeling design companies.
  HSCAN 3d scanner adopts multiple beam laser to obtain the three-dimensional point from object surface. It can automatically generate the STL triangular mesh surface, and the data can be processed rapidly as the format is STL. The scan software can automatically process the point cloud data such as select, delete, remove the isolated point and non-connected one, smooth filtering, feature merge. The target point automatically orientates and needs no additional mechanical arm or other tracking device. The handheld device could be carried with the personnel. And the weight is less than 1kg.Connect by the Gigabit Ethernet cable and support work over a long distance. The handheld device could be carried with the personnel. And the weight is less than 1kg.

    Technical parameters of HSCAN series handheld 3D scanner

型号                    HSCAN300                    HSCAN331                    HSCAN771
扫描速率                    205,000次测量/秒                    265,000次测量/秒                    480,000次测量/秒
0.02毫米+0.1毫米/米 0.02毫米+0.08毫米/米 0.02毫米+0.06毫米/米
 输出格式 . ply、.xyz、.dae、.fbx、.ma、.obj、.asc、.stl等,可定制



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