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  • Think domestic 3D sensors provide technical support for you
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Backward will be beaten, in modern China due to technological backwardness and other reasons, suffered from aggression. However, with the development of the times, our country is becoming more and more powerful, from China to China, has made great progress in all aspects. The 3D sensor is a new technology, in the thinking of science and technology backbone of the hard work, the development of our own 3D sensor made in China


Think of domestic 3D sensor has a variety of functions like international products, has been widely used, such as multimedia mobile phone, network camera, digital camera, robot vision navigation, vehicle safety systems, biomedical image analysis, human-computer interface, virtual reality, surveillance, industrial detection, wireless remote sensing, microscopy, astronomical observation, marine autonomous navigation, scientific instruments, etc.. These different applications are based on 3D sensor technology. Especially, it plays a very important role in industrial control and automatic navigation.

In see a number of patented technologies under the support of a large number of technical personnel, in the endeavor, finally provided another choice -- Thinking of domestic 3D sensor for everyone, without authorization for foreign technology, so we are no longer restricted everywhere, can give full play to our wisdom, let it application in more fields for the benefit of the people.



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