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  • The choose and buy 3 d scanner to consider several factors
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Senior 3D scanner companythink science and technology to teach you to choose a suitable for their own 3D scanner, should take into account the accuracy of the 3D scanner, scanning speed, resolution and the company budget and other factors.

1. how high precision do you need?

Accuracy refers to how close the model can be obtained. In the world of 3D scanning, accuracy is usually expressed in terms of Z accuracy or depth accuracy. Although the accuracy of X and Y will sometimes be mentioned, but the accuracy of the Z scanner is the most talked about product characteristics. Although everyone wants a high degree of accuracy, the price difference is really big.

2. how fast do you need to scan?

If you scan the object is static, the scanning speed may not be a problem; but if the scan is the object of activity, for example people. You need to consider scanning speed. Generally speaking, you need to scan quickly, preferably in 1.5 seconds, because people always want to move. In addition, you have to consider the scan, the software processing data scanning speed. Of course, scanning speed is also inseparable from the price.

3. how high resolution do you need?

The resolution scan obtained model to capture many details, also refers to a scanning unit area to store as many points, the higher the resolution, the more clear details. The same area of the screen, you may get only 10 (low resolution), but very accurate (high precision) point; it is also possible to obtain millions (high resolution) but it is not accurate (low accuracy) point. Of course, the resolution is also proportional to the price. So, you need to decide how much detail you need?

4.how much budget do you have?

You can not say that there are 100 thousand budget, but found that you need a machine of 1 million. If the difference is not much, you may consider sacrificing some of the features. So, think of those who need the most, the most critical features better.

3D scan is usually not your ultimate goal, you may be in order to further processing, such as CNC machine tools, may be for visual display, it may be for 3D printing. The next step you intend to do after your 3D scan usually helps you determine the characteristics of the 3D scanner you want. For example, what you want to use the software, can not be compatible? Can not transform? Can not clean up the data?.



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