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  • Hand-held laser 3 d scanner and traditional mechanical desig
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The utility model relates to a hand held laser three-dimensional scanner, which is a device which uses a laser which is projected by a grating to scan the three-dimensional point cloud data of an object. Can the full range of three-dimensional size on the mechanical model of the existing scanning, designers can create 3D software through mechanical model as the basis for the design and production of mold manufacturers can be directly based on the model of mass production, reflects the 3D laser scanning technology in data acquisition speed, high precision, the characteristics of the data integrity of the hand-held laser 3D scanner! Is a 3D Photogrammetry System of a non-contact instrument, it appears, for making commodity program development a far-reaching impact. So 3D scanner measurement technology plays an important role in the design and production of mechanical parts.

Relatively speaking, the traditional mechanical design and mechanical reproduction, are based on the existing product features and uses of the design. The size of the products obtained by manual measurement, rendering CAD drawings according to the measurements of size, to meet the requirements of production after. The traditional measuring method has low efficiency, low precision and incomplete data.



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